What we do to protect your privacy?

We encrypt all our data with AES 256 encryption. Rest assured we keep your data safe from prying eyes. Even if we get into a situation where the data has leaked. Our infrastructure ensures that the who stole the data will not be able to decypher what it says.

Further more, we follow all the security protocols that the online tech giants do. Our data is stored in United States and Canada where it is protected from cyber crime. We will never leak, share or sell your data. No other online notepad can offer you the privacy, security and these assurances.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us!


How to password protect your notes

In order to password protect your notes just look at the screenshot below.

The password dialog box will appear when you click the lock icon and it will allow you to set a password on your note.

In order to change the password you must delete the password that you had set by going back to the same dialog box and removing the current password.


What is WriteXO

WriteXO was designed for writers by writers. It is made for anyone who is interested in taking notes, saving text and sharing large amounts of texts accross the web. We’ve designed WriteXO to protect your privacy by allowing you to password protect your notes. We believe privacy should be our top priority and so we have designed this as a private notepad for anyone to use. There are tons of features that come with our tool we will list some of them here.

  • Ability to save and go with no need to press the save button we automatically save all your text approximately ever 10 seconds.
  • Ability to add a password to your note
  • Ability to share your note with anyone in the world
  • Being able to write in Rich Text format
  • Watch notes live as others type
  • Use notes to save code and programming language scripts
  • Automatic Linking

With all these features we’re absolutely sure you will be satisfied!

What are you waiting for go to and write your first note!